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2016 Patient Survey

Posted on Monday, June 19th, 2017

Over a period of 1 month we gave out 250 Patient Questionnaires randomly to patients.  173 were completed and returned.


A summary of the results as below:


Some of the areas if highlight are below:


How do you usually make an appointment to see a doctor or nurse?
In person 59
By telephone 130
Online 11
Doesn’t apply 0

Over 75 % of responders said they book by Telephone; Gp appointments are available online and can be booked 24/7. We will run a campaign to sign more patients up to the online services in 2017.

If you are willing to see any doctor how quickly are you seen?
Same day 33  
Next day 34
2-4 days 64
5 days or more 20
Not tried 20


If you have an urgent need that you feel cannot wait until a routine appointment is available please let the receptionist know and she will book you a call back from the on call GP who can assess and provide appropriate action (urgent same day appointment, prescription, advice etc.).

How satisfied are you with the opening hours at the surgery?
Very satisfied 123
Fairly satisfied 37
Not at all satisfied 4
Don’t know 3


We are always trying to adapt to patient needs and appreciate not everyone can attend during core working hours. We also offer late evening, early morning appointments and have recently started to offer Pre Bookable appointments on Saturday and Sunday mornings, we hope this will continue to help those who can’t attend during the week.


 We also asked patients: ‘All GP Surgeries currently have very high rates of wasted appointments because patients fail to attend their pre booked appointments. Do you have any suggestions as to how we can reduce this?’ 

Some of the responses we got were:

Make those who fail to turn up pay. Charge them.   Charge people who persistently do not attend appointments. Charge after 2 missed appointments.

This is a popular response, and one some Dentist Surgeries currently do.

Make them wait next time.
Text/ email reminders.

We already offer Text reminders to patients signed up to the service, unfortunately we can’t send them if patients have not agreed. Also many patients change their mobile numbers and do not keep us informed.

Issue warning letters.

We do currently send warning letters to persistent DNA offenders.

Call day before appointment.

We physically do not have resources or funding to offer this service, but do already offer a text reminder service.

Should be automated service that allows people to cancel appointments as phone line is always engaged.

We will look into this; it seems like a very good idea. Patients can cancel appointments online if they are registered for online us.

  Do you have any suggestions how the practice can make any improvements to their service? Some of the suggestions were:
Open the same as a walk in centre on weekends

We now offer Pre Bookable Saturday and Sunday GP Appointments.

More money from government.

Unfortunately this is beyond our control.

Queues get very long so more receptionists needed at busy times. Not enough staff on desk.

We do try and move staff about at busy periods but appreciate this is not always possible due to other demands.

Telephone system not efficient.    

We are aware of the phone issues and currently in negotiations to have a new phone system installed.

Stay open later.

The surgery is open until 8.30pm on Mondays. Gp Core hours are only funded 8am – 6pm. However we do now offer Pre Bookable appointments on Saturdays and Sundays.

Online booking of appointments.    

This has been available for a number of years, passwords available from reception.

Have more doctors available at all times.

Unfortunately funding does not cover this and GP’s have many other tasks to fulfil such as Home Visits, test results analysis and Hospital letter actions etc.

More staff.

Again this comes down to funding.

More time with a Doctor as it feels rushed.

If you have more than 2 issues to discuss or feel you need more in-depth discussion please let the receptionist know at the time of booking and they can give you a double appointment.

Send appointment reminders.

We already offer this to all patients, if you let reception know that you would like this and advise of your most up to date mobile number we will send a text reminder the day before.

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